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Setup guide

Download and Install Simhub from the Simhub homepage.

Download the Simhub profile(s) for your TOSA:

Flag G.JPG

Race flags (Green, Yello blinking and Blue blinking)

Gears with redline blinking

Flag B.JPG
Flag Y.JPG

Spotter right and left car (blinking)


In pit (animation)


Pit limiter ON (blinking)


In Simhub, from the panel on the left, select “Arduino” and then from the top menu select “RGB Matrix”
Under “Manage your RGB Matrix” (top left), click on “Profiles manager”.

Simhub bar
Simhub RGB Matrix

From the pop-up window select “import profile” and select the CSE profile previously downloaded

Simhub import profiles
Simhub array orientation

If the letters or numbers appear to be rotated, use the rotate function on the main page and rotate the image until you see the CSE letters in the proper orientation. 

After the import of your Simhub profile, you should be able to read the letters “CSE” in the proper orientation, and of the coulor of your TOSA (red or blue). 


NOTE 1: if you don't own a full SImhub licence, make sure that you select "single arduino" option in hte Arduino>My Hardware section. 


NOTE 2: if you don't own a full SImhub licence, multiple products using arduino could possibly not work at the same time


Simhub LED profiles are completely customizable from the Simhub interface.

Start your favourite game and enjoy.

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