Terms & Conditions

Before you purchase one of ours products please read and accept the T&Cs


Shipment and import fees.

Our shipments are done through courier, tracked 5 days service. However, we are based in England and after Brexit, there can be some delays when shipping to EU countries. 

As of July 1st 2021, DDP service will be used to dispatch every order from our customers.

DDP is where we pay all customs, duties and fees before shipping our products to your country. This is a much better option for your our customers, it avoids nasty surprise charges and offers  a great experience when buying from us, even if we are located in UK.

Some customers (depending where they live) will be required to pay VAT, following the rules of their country



Due to the COVID 19 situation  there still are some delays in shipping. These delays are not our responsibility. We always ship with the fastest service. 

If you have any problem with your button box, please get in contact with us and we will try to do our best to fix your problem remotely. 

If the issue is not fixable, we will issue a replacement.