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CSE Tosa is a strong, beautiful and multifuction programmable FLAG RGB LED display compatible with Simhub on PC. 

With this display you will be able to make your simrig more immersive and your race more consistent, visualising gears, blink gear change, other cars proximity, flags, and gears. Through Simhub (free to download here), you can completely customize this display, adding extra functions available in different stages of the game and the race (for example when the engine is ON or OFF, when the car is in the pitlane, when pitlimiter is ON, etc...). 

If you are not proficient with Simhub, don't worry: Tosa comes with 2 basic profiles and more will be available in the future. 


Tosa is designed with a 6 layers "pancake" arrangement made of real 3k twill carbon fiber (for maximum strength and robustness), strong plastic and a trasparent acrylic display cover to give a nice sleek glass type effect.    


Under the  motorsport-style hood there is a carbon fiber layer that frames the RGB LEDS, masked by another layer in carbon fiber, to shape the LEDs similarly to sport cars. 


This FLAG display can be ordered with Alcantara-like wrap and can be attached to any VESA 75 x 75 mm compatible holder with M4 screws (not provided). 

Tosa  comes with a sturdy plastic body that can be wrapped in alcantara (optional), with RED or BLUE accents (hood, buttons, encoder LED, and default simhub profile). 

Other than the LEDs display, Tosa is equipped with 2 x Alu push buttons and an encoder (with push button funtion) showing a beautiful LED ring. 


Tosa needs to be connected to a PC (via USB cable optional) with Simhub running on it. You can order the RED Edition or the BLUE Edition, depending on your preference (pushbuttons, encoder LED, hood and Simhub profile wil be red- or blue -themed accordingly). 

Technical specs

- Six layers design with carbon fiber "pancake" arrangement
- 2 Aluminum push buttons (ON) - OFF
- 1 encoder with push button function and LED ring
- Compatible with PC (needs Simhub) 
- Alcantara wrap option available

- Compatible with VESA 75 x 75 attachment (with M4 screws not provided)

- 3 layers in twill carbon fiber 

- Metal washers

- Compatible with major games:

  • Assetto corsa

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • F1 2022

  • RF2

  • iRacing

  • Automobilista 2

       and many more...

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