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Now updated with carbon fiber box back panel!


After the great success of Lesmo and Lesmo MKii for Fanatec Clubsport, CSE introduces Lesmo Carbon.

Like the other button boxes made by Custom Sim Engineering, it is fixed directly to the wheel base for motion and static sim rigs. This is particularly suitable for rigs with limited space where standard button boxes can't be used. CSE button boxes are also designed for the most demanding drivers who want the buttons close to the wheel, easily and quickly accessible. 

Lesmo Carbon is made of sturdy 5mm thick carbon fiber that makes this product indestructible and light. 


In this new model we introduced a branded unique Engine Start button with a stunning red LED. This button can be assigned to different functions via software and offers a great feeling. 

Lesmo Carbon is available in semi-matte carbon fiber(left and right side).


Glow in the dark and standard coloruful stickers also available as option.


You can purchase an optional adapter that pushes the button box slightly further to avoid clashes with some cockpits with the back of the button box.


Lesmo Carbon is COMPATIBLE WITH PC and designed for FANATEC Clubsport


PriceFrom £149.59