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  • Can you make a customised product?
    Yes but only for significative batch orders (>20 items)
  • Why are you called Custmom Sim Engineering?
    Because we design sim racing products that are customised to specific applications. For example we make button boxes designed to be attached to specific wheel bases. We don't design generic button boxes, attachable to the table or the sim rig. Does your name mean that you can make items customised on my requests? Yes but only for orders > 20 pcs
  • What is your stock size?
    We make products on demand, so we don't have stock. Your item will be manufactured and tested after your order. The process will take 7-10 days before the shipment.
  • I have a youtube channel for sim racing. Would you sponsor me?
    If you have a good number of followers we can consider to sponsor you. Please emeil us at
  • I want to make a video review of your products. Would you be happy with it?
    Yes. Feel free to contac us at
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in England, close to London.
  • How long does it take for CSE to ship a button box?
    With a normal rate of orders, we ship your item within 10-15 days from the order. Please bear in mind that if there is a public holiday, the time can be slightly longer
  • How long will my item take to be delivered?
    We always ship with courier: UK: 1-3 days EU: 5-7 days Worldwide: 7+ days The postal situation is still very busy because od COVID 19 and Brexit, so deliveries are delayed. THIS DOESN'T DEPEND ON US. Remember that if you live in EU, you possibly need to pay import tax. Your parcel will be stuck at the customs until you pay the tax. If you don't pay the import tax, the parcel won't be delivered and WE WON'T REFUND THE ITEM.
  • Why is your shipping cost so expensive?
    We ship with courier only and the parcel is tracked, insured, with the quickest service possible.
  • Do I need to pay import tax (customs fees)?
    It depends on where you live. We are based in England and after Brexit, some EU contries have to pay import tax. When the parcel arrives to the customs of your Country, you will be contacted and be informed about the customs fee. If you leave your parcel stuck at the customs without paying for the import fee, the parcel won't be delivered and WON'T BE REFUNDED.
  • How does COVID-19 situation affect the deliveries?
    Although we use couriers with fast shipment, BREXIT and COVID-19 can create long delays. So please be patient and use the tracking link we sent you in the email you got when we shipped the parcel. Remember to pay the customs fee, if you have to, otherwise the parcel won't be delivered and NOT REFUNDED.
  • Why are your button boxes so expensive?
    Our button boxes sit on the average market price, compared to similar products. We use premium materials like real carbon fiber and glossy thick acrylic. Acrylic is a very delicate material and requires polishing of surfaces that add cost and time to the manufacturing process. Also, special types of Carbon Fiber (like forged carbon fibre) are more expensive than the standard twill. Of course you can build your own DIY button box that does the job perfectly, but if you demand high quality, functionality in a tested and beautiful product, "who you gonna call?". CSE! If you think that our button boxes are pricey, please bear in mind that: - We work with small quantities (which increases the price) - Our button boxes are hand made in house - We designed the electronics PCB boards (no flimsy wiring between buttons) - Our button boxes are designed for specific wheel bases. This required a lot of design, prototyping and acquiring all the wheel bases we sell for. - We use only premium material that are expensive - We take care of Manufacturing, Testing, Supply Chain, Marketing, Packaging and Shipment. - We offer a full finished product hassle-free
  • Are your button boxes compatible with PS4, PS5 or XBOX?
    No. For now, our button boxes are compatible with PC only.
  • What is the package content for your button boxes?
    This is the content of the package: Button box USB cable (hard wired to the button box) Fixing screws (Cool!) Washers Quality Check Report Quick Start guide Thank you card Set of rotaries stickers Set of button stickers + sticky labels
  • When I change wheel base, do I need a new button box?"
    Yes, but if you return your button box, you can get up to 50% discount on a new button box (depending on the state of the return).
  • Can I have my button box for either left or right side?
    Yes. Our button boxes are for both sides. You have just to select which side you would like to order during hte purchase process.
  • Is the USB cable included?
    Yes. A 2 m USB cable is included with our button boxes. Tosa, our LED flag display comes with an optional 2m USB cable that can be purchased separately.
  • Why is the USB cable hard wired to CSE button boxes?
    It is matter of preference. Many products on the market have the USB cable hard wired. We decided to use a hard wired USB cable to avoid the USB connector (button box side) to get broken and to give our button boxes a unique look with our red cables.
  • What games are your products compatible with?
    We don't think they are games :) , but our products are compatible with the most common "simulators": Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa Competizione F1 2019 F1 2020 Automobilista Automobilista 2 iRacing Raceroom rFactor Project Cars 2
  • What are the measurements of your button boxes?
    At the bottom of each product page you can find a link to the measurements
  • Can you give me info to make my button box?
    Of course: you need buttons, a box, a mechanical project, a way to fix your button box to your rig or wheel base, a lot of wiring or custom PCB boards (better), soldering skills, coding skills, a tester and a lot of time :)
  • Why I can't find my Country when I try to purches a product from your shop?
    We ship worldwide. If during hte purchase process you get the message "we don't ship to your Country", please get in contact we us and we will fix it.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay in one lump with Paypal or Debit/Credit Card. You can also spread the payment in 6 weekly installments, interests free, with Laybuy.
  • How can I choose the side (left or right) of my button box?
    You will be asked to choose the side during the purchase process
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