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BB-CSW is a fully programmable sim racing button box, compatible with PC (USB) and Fanatec Clubsport 1, 2 and 2.5 wheel bases. The button box is designed to be attached to the mounitng holes provided on the Clubsport wheel base and is available for right and left side. BB-CSW is made of sturdy plastic and it is finished with carbon fiber wrap for a beautiful racing-style appearance. The 2m USB cable and the M4 screws (to fix the button box to the wheel base) are provided in the package. The unit is supplied with colorful customized stickers for the rotary encoders and elegant button labels.

BB-CSW is deisgned in two varints: FT and BK.

FT has the mounting frame on the front, to maximize the distance from the steering wheel.

BK has the mounting frame on the back, for rigs that don't leave much space around the wheel base.

Note: Buttons could be in different colours from the pictures.

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