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Button boxes

All button boxes designed and manufactured by Custom Sim Engineering don't need driver installation.

Windows will recognize them as a game controller as soon as you connect it to a PC USB port and they will appear in Control Panel -> Devices and Printers. 

Follow these steps to check that your button box works correctly.

1- open Control Panel and select "Hardware and Sound"


2 - Select "Devices and Printers"


3 - Here you will find the icon of your CSE periferal. Right click on it

4 - In the pop-up window select your CSE controller and click "Properties". The test button window will open

5 - Make sure that the Test window is selected and test all your buttons, to make sure everything is working properly

Alternatively, button boxes can be tested on Assetto Corsa Content Manager in Settings-> Assetto Corsa -> Controls

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