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Now updated with carbon fiber box back panel!


After the great success of Eau Rouge Carbon Limited Edition for Fanatec Podium Series, CSE introduces Eau Rouge Carbon.

Like the other button boxes made by Custom Sim Engineering, it is fixed directly to the wheel base for motion and static sim rigs. This is particularly suitable for rigs with limited space where standard button boxes can't be used. CSE button boxes are also designed for the most demanding drivers who want the buttons close to the wheel, easily and quickly accessible. 


Eau Rouge Carbon is made of sturdy 5mm thick carbon fiber that makes this product undestructible and light. 


Toggle levers have been improved compared to the previous button boxes and now they are bigger and smoother, following the feedback of our customers and continuously striving to improve our quality and offer the best experience. 


We also introduced a branded unique Engine Start button with a stunning red LED. This button can be assigned to different functions via software and offers a great feeling. 


Eau Rouge Carbon is available in semi-matte carbon fiber and the color of button caps can be customised among 2 available colors. 


Glow in the dark stickers also available as additional option.


Eau Rouge Carbon is COMPATIBLE WITH PC and designed for FANATEC Podium Series


If your sim rig is equipped with a Simlab or TrakRacer side bracket, you will need the TR and Simlab Podium mount adapter for Eau Rouge available as option during the item configurator during the purchase process. 

Eau Rouge Carbon

PriceFrom £167.44
Colour Theme
  • 5mm thick carbon fiber frame

    Carbon fiber box back panel

    1x Engine start (or general purpose) programmable push button with branded red LED (momentary action)

    1x Ignition toggle secure by flick cover (latch action)

    3 x Encoders with push button function (buttons with momentary action)

    4 x sturdy and smooth toggle levers (momentary action)

    8 x push buttons with customizable caps colur (momentaryaction)

    USB cable (optional) 

    Sticker set (Rotary, Round and Rectangular)

    Elegant fabric bag


    COMPATIBLE WITH PC and designed for FANATEC Podium Series

  • All our products are hand made on demand and your order will be shipped withitn 10 working days from the order, with insured and fast courier. 

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