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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that because of COVID-19 and BREXIT, there can be long delays in the delivery, not depending on us. If you ordered one of our products and it is not arrived yet, be patient because the parcel will be delivered as soon as possible. Thank you 

Many sim racers are also sim pilots and they need to combine two different simulators in one. 
Space is often an issue and Custom Sim Engineering is here to help.
Some customers asked us to develop adapters to help combining flight sim accessories with sim racing equipment.
Here is the CSE "CSW-MFD" to attach the Thrustmaster MFD to the Fanatec CSW Clubsport. 

This adapter is available on both left and right side and it is 3D printed, but sturdy.

Technical specs

- Specifically designed for Fanatec Clubsport 2 and 2.5
- Attaches directly to the wheel base fixing holes
- 3D printed

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