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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that because of COVID-19 and BREXIT, there can be long delays in the delivery, not depending on us. If you ordered one of our products and it is not arrived yet, be patient because the parcel will be delivered as soon as possible. Thank you 

LESMO MKii is now longer and aligned with the size and style of the other CSE button boxes.  LESMO MKii is the newest button box for Fanatec Clubsport. Its compact design allows the user to fix it directly to the wheel base and save space on the sim rig for other accessories. The buttons are now at a better distance from the wheel for a quicker and easier access. LESMO MKii is made of high quality materials like real carbon fiber on a robust and elegant glossy black frame.
The LESMO MKii button box is provided with sticker to customize buttons and encoders functions. 
All the buttons/encoders can be programmed from the game settings interface.
Two buttons layouts are available: "Pit stop" and "Endurance" style. 

Technical specs

- Specifically designed for Fanatec Clubsport 2 and 2.5

- 8 High feeling push buttons

- 4 double function toggle switches

- 3 encoders with push button function

- Compatible with PC 

- Start engine push button

- Ignition toggle switch with rocket style flick cover

- Stickers to customize buttons and encoders

- Real carbon fiber front plate

- Red metal washers 

- USB connection (2m cable)

- Compatible with:

  • Assetto corsa

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • F1 2021

  • iRacing

  • Automobilista 2

       and many more...

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