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ASCARI CARBON is a fully programmable sim racing button box, compatible with PC (USB) and Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base. The button box is designed to be attached to the mounting holes provided on the CSL Elite wheel base and is available for right and left side. ASCARI frame is made of beautiful and sturdy real carbon fiber to give you the perfect motorsport feeling . The unit is supplied with colorful customized stickers for the rotary encoders, elegant rectangular and rounded labels to fully customize your racing experience.

Technical specs

- Specifically designed for Fanatec CSL Elite
- 8 High feeling push buttons
- 4 double function temporary toggle switches
- 3 encoders with push button function
- Compatible with PC 
- Red light Start Engine push button
- Ignition toggle switch with rocket style flick cover
- Stickers to customize buttons and encoders

- Power ON switch

- Real carbon fiber 3k Twill

- Red metal washers 

- USB connection (2m cable)

- Compatible with:

  • Assetto corsa

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • F1 2021

  • iRacing

  • Automobilista 2

       and many more...

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